Christiane Howey Rising Scholar Award

Chris had a generous nature. In the 21 years she was at the helm of this company, she found many opportunities to help people. Chris always believed that it was important to "give back" and she did so in both her personal and professional life. In addition to granting many educational awards for transmitters over the years, Chris quietly found ways to help young researchers and start-up programs. To honor Chris, and to carry on in her spirit of generosity, we are proud to announce an annual award in her name: the Christiane Howey Rising Scholar Award.

This award is intended to provide researchers who are starting out their careers with the means to get their projects off the ground. It will provide the award recipient with five transmitters of his/her choice. 

Your proposal should include a detailed description of the project, indicating the scope and expected outcomes. Please include a timeline and let us know what model of transmitter you are interested in using. Anything you'd like to tell us about yourself and your experience would be fine to include. Limit proposals to 5 pages or less. Please be aware that the award does not include any Argos costs or GSM data distribution charges. The recipient will also be responsible for any import duties and taxes.

Proposals for the 2018 award will be accepted through October 31, 2017 and reviewed prior to the publication of the Winter 2017 issue of our newsletter. The award recipient will be notified in late December to schedule a production slot. Proposals will be judged by an internal committee. Applicants are encouraged to include an educational component in their research but this is not required. Proposals should be sent via e-mail to

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